Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Neal C. Green, D.D.S.

Dr. Neal C. Green, D.D.S. is a pediatric dentist in Santa Clarita and Palmdale. Dr. Green knows how to effectively treat young patients and provide effective dental care. He is committed to helping adults and especially children become more at ease with the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office.

The youngest patients have unique oral health needs, which is why teaching children the importance of oral hygiene and health early is very important. We are proud to provide friendly, caring dental services catered to the unique needs of young patients.

Dr. Green offers many pediatric dental treatments in Santa Clarita & Palmdale:

Exams and cleanings: Oral hygiene is just as important for baby teeth as it is for permanent teeth. Dr. Green recommends twice-yearly exams and cleanings for children, and x-rays should be taken at least once per year.

Infant oral health exams: It is recommended to take your baby to the dentist as soon as their first baby tooth breaks through.

Preventative dental care: This includes nutrition as well as  fluoride treatments and recommendations of oral hygiene. It also includes various habit counseling, including when to stop baby bottles, pacifiers, and thumb sucking.

Sealants: Cavities can still happen even if oral hygiene is practiced well. Dr. Green’s goal is to prevent cavities from occurring, offering dental sealants to cover the natural pits and grooves on the teeth’s chewing surfaces. It is 3 times more likely for unsealed teeth to develop cavities.

Fillings: Protecting future cavities is key. Dr. Green can place a filling that bonds to the teeth, creating a tight seal after numbing and removing the decay if your child has cavities early on.

Baby root canals (pulpotomy): If a tooth cannot be saved with fillings, a baby root canal may be recommended to preserve the form, function, and appearance of your child’s tooth. A baby root canal (pulpotomy) can effectively remove diseased pulp and the infection. Dental crowns are placed on the treated teeth. Baby teeth that come out too soon can create bite or speech problems in children, so this process is recommended.

Care for dental injuries: Care for fractured, displaced, or prematurely lost baby teeth.

Dr. Green’s Santa Clarita and Palmdale dental offices accept all PPO insurance and union plans, and offer Care Credit financing. They also offer a variety of dental specials and options in cutting costs to help you save more on the dental services you need.

Contact Dr. Neil Green online or call (661) 218-2786 to book your appointment today. He has 2 convenient offices located in Santa Clarita and Palmdale.

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