Santa Clarita Orthodontist Explains How Long It Takes To Straighten Your Teeth

An Orthodontist in Santa Clarita at Embrace Your Smile recently explained how long it can take to straighten your teeth.

Summer is officially the start of wedding season, so sometimes when planning for the wedding, some brides-to-be will notice a tooth that looks out of place and rush into the orthodontist office, asking how long it will take to straighten the tooth.

Luckily, there are some techniques that were not available before that can be used to help move the tooth.

“One of the techniques we use is called Propel,” explained an official from Embrace Your Smile.

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One minor surgical procedure that can be done during orthodontic treatment that helps increase tooth movement by 30 to 40% is called Propel. During the procedure, the orthodontist goes between each tooth to stimulate the bone, encouraging the bone to move more quickly.

“At the end of the day what I encourage all brides to do is if you know you want your teeth straightened prior to your big day, please go to your orthodontist as early as possible,” said Embrace Your Smile.

Along with the few techniques that can be used to speed up tooth movement, another is a clear or “invisible” technique such as lingual braces or Invisalign. Although these techniques can be effective, it really does take time for the teeth to move into their desired place.

To ensure everything is covered on your big day, Embrace Your Smile recommends including an orthodontist into your wedding plans along with a DJ, photographer, and caterer.

Dr. Steven Gilbertson, Dr. Megan LeCornu and Dr. Pete Weber of Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics — formerly Gilbertson and LeCornu Orthodontics — have a solid reputation in the community as the premiere Santa Clarita orthodontist office for children, teenagers and adults using Invisalign and traditional braces. Together, they strive to provide orthodontic excellence and five-star customer service in a friendly, caring environment that makes each patient feel like a member of their family. Residents have voted Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics as Best Orthodontist in Santa Clarita for eight years. Anyone looking for an “orthodontist near me” can contact Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics today. 

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