Is It Safe To Get Orthodontic Treatment During The Coronavirus Pandemic? An Orthodontist In Santa Clarita Weighs In

For those wondering about the safety of orthodontic treatment during the coronavirus pandemic, and if adjustments to treatment plans are an option, an orthodontist in Santa Clarita is weighing in.

After being closed for 12 weeks at the start of the pandemic, Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics has been able to reopen once again with added safety measures, according to Dr. Megan LeCornu.

“We were able to reopen in June, which was great, and (we’ve) just been implementing new procedures and protocols to make sure we do our part in keeping everybody safe,” LeCornu said.

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Though all healthcare offices are required to implement standard precautions that protect against diseases such as hepatitis, influenza, tuberculosis and HIV, LeCornu noted that the pandemic has led to an increase in safety measures, which include taking temperatures at the door and having a limited number of people inside the office.

Staff are encouraging children who can go into the office without their parents to do so, LeCornu continued, but young children who may have anxiety about being separated from their parents can still come inside with a parent and be taken to a semi-private room.

The front desk also now has screens in place, with all staff now wearing face masks, LeCornu added.

“I think (like) everyone in our community, we’re all just adapting to the new standards and what we call the new norm,” she said.

Both locations of Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics have resumed regular services and treatment protocols at a reduced capacity, and new patients are currently being accepted, while treatment plan adjustments are also offered depending on a patient’s comfort level, according to LeCornu.

“I think there’s a lot of patients that have a little bit more heightened fear about going into any healthcare offices, which is completely understandable,” LeCornu said. “So some of those patients, we either try to adjust our treatment regiment on them and basically slow things up, making sure that they’re doing a good job of keeping their appliances clean.”

LeCornu continued, “We also have patients who have been ready to start treatment and they don’t want to come into the office as frequently, so sometimes we change what our treatment recommendation is to cater to their request and their needs.”

For example, patients who were previously planning on braces are now opting for Invisalign because they can go longer between appointments at the office, LeCornu explained.

As of Aug. 4, the American Dental Association confirmed that no COVID-19 cases have been attributed in the U.S. to any dental practices, an announcement that LeCornu said didn’t surprise her.

“Healthcare facilities are probably some of the cleanest and safest places to be because of our routine sanitizing protocols that we already employ,” LeCornu said. “They’re very, very strong disinfecting and cleaning agents that we’ve employed for years and years now, and so I think the fact that there’s no reported cases from dental offices shouldn’t be a surprise to people. I do feel like those healthcare facilities are very, very safe.”

Focusing on orthodontic treatments for children, teenagers and adults, Dr. Steven Gilbertson, Dr. Megan LeCornu and Dr. Pete Walker of Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics have gained a reputation for excellence as a premiere Santa Clarita orthodontist office. Formerly known as Gilbertson and LeCornu Orthodontics, the Embrace Your Smile team has always focused on customer service and customer choice, offering a range of options including Invisalign and traditional braces in a friendly, caring environment. By making their patients feel like family, Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics has been voted Best Orthodontist in Santa Clarita for nearly a decade. Santa Clarita residents looking for an “orthodontist near me” can contact Embrace Your Smile at either of the locations listed below.

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